Welcome to the School of Computing Microsoft Imagine Premium webstore

This is the Microsoft software distribution website strictly for the following categories of users:

1. Staff and students of SoC

2. Non-SoC staff but teaching an SoC module during the current semester

3. Non-SoC student but taking an SoC module during the current semester

If you fall within the above 3 categories but do not have access to SoC Microsoft Imagine Premium, please send an email to techsvc@comp.nus.edu.sg with your Name, NUSNET ID and module code that you are taking/teaching. 

N.B. For all non-SoC staff and students who have access to SoC Microsoft Imagine Premium because you are currently teaching or taking an SoC module, your account will expire at the end of the semester. However, you will be reinstated should you teach or take an SoC module again in the future.

For all non-SoC students, NUS Computer Centre has subscribed to Microsoft Imagine Standard. Please refer to http://blog.nus.edu.sg/arief/2011/04/17/dreamspark-for-nus-students/ for more information.

For all non-SoC staff, NUS Computer Centre has the Software Catalogue.