How do I register with my organization-issued email address?

To register with this website with your organization-issued email address:

  1. In the top right corner of the page, click the Sign In link.
  2. Click the Register link on the Sign In page.
  3. Select the I have an organization issued email address option
  4. Follow the prompts through the registration process. Ensure that you register the correct email address.

A registration email is sent to the organization-issued email account. Ensure that you are able to access your account when registering as you will need to click on the embedded link in the email to validate and finalize your registration.

Note To ensure delivery of our system emails, make sure that is added to your email white list.

Ordering certain products may be restricted to specific user groups. This is a requirement by the software manufacturer and involves specific distribution agreements between either Kivuto Solutions and the manufacturer or your organization and the manufacturer.

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