What are my payment choices?

We accept payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard and American Express). It is also possible to use PayPal to pay by credit card.

Some of these payment methods do not support all currencies, so their availability may vary depending on the type of currency you are processing payment in. The following is a list of currencies and their available payment methods.

Note Your WebStore may not support all listed currencies.

Currency Visa Mastercard AMEX PayPal Express
Australian Dollar X X   X
British Pound X X   X
Canadian Dollar X X   X
Danish Krone       X
Euro X X   X
Japanese Yen X X   X
New Zealand Dollar       X
Singapore Dollar       X
Swedish Krona       X
Swiss Franc       X
US Dollar X X X X

Your organization may also support billing codes or purchase orders. If these payment methods are supported, you will be given the option to choose this method.

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