What am I eligible to purchase?

Depending on what user group(s) or organization you belong to, you are eligible to purchase certain products.

To verify your eligibility for a product:

  1. Sign in to your WebStore.
  2. Go to the product description page.
  3. Under the Add To Cart button, click the Are you eligible? link. A list of eligibility requirements is displayed which may include:
    • The user group(s) you must belong to
    • The country you must reside in
    • The number of copies of the product you may purchase
    • The organization or department you must belong to

To view your eligibility:

  1. Sign in to your WebStore.
  2. At the top of the page, click the Your Account/Orders link.
  3. In the Account Management section, click the Your Eligibility link. The following information is displayed:
    • The user group(s) you belong to
    • How you were verified
    • Your current verification status

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