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Office Groove Server 2010 64-bit (English) - Microsoft Imagine


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Microsoft Groove Server 2010 provides the server software and tools that IT organizations can use to best deploy, manage, and integrate the Groove functionality that comes with Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010.

For customers with SharePoint Workspace 2010 who want to add the power of peer workspaces (by allowing users to create and work in Groove workspaces), you can install and maintain Microsoft Groove Server 2010 at your site.

Centrally monitor the usage of Groove workspaces
Groove workspaces empower your business teams to collaborate freely and dynamically across organizational boundaries. With Groove Server 2010, you can review the usage of Groove workspaces in a way that matches your IT standards and keeps infrastructure and administrative costs to a minimum.

Manage users with Groove Server Manager
With Groove Server Manager, you can extend Groove functionality and Groove workspace usage across firewalls and network boundaries. You can maintain complete control. You can create and enforce your own unique IT policies for each user and domain to help ensure the proper level of security and compliance in your organization.

Groove Server 2010 Relay, a component of Groove Server, provides an efficient "store and forward" service that keeps the Groove workspaces in SharePoint Workspace synchronized.

Whether team members are in the office or on a plane, and working with colleagues down the hall or partners across the world, Groove Server 2010 Relay keeps them up to date automatically and efficiently, without compromising data security.

Leverage your Active Directory for easy account configuration
With Groove Server Manager, you can populate and synchronize user accounts with your existing Microsoft Active Directory (AD) service. Using the related feature that allows accounts to be automatically configured from almost anywhere, SharePoint Workspace 2010 users can then configure their SharePoint Workspace software automatically with their synchronized AD identity. Not only does this save you time, it also makes account provisioning quick and easy.

Utilize the next-generation Internet Protocol Standard
Groove Server and SharePoint Workspace 2010 both support the next generation Internet Protocol standard, IPv6. Both SharePoint Workspace and Groove Server can be set to use either IPv6 or IPv4 or a combination of both.

Rapidly provision and disable accounts from one interface
Groove Server Manager provides the capability to rapidly and efficiently provision new SharePoint Workspace 2010 users as well as disable or delete account, if necessary. Disabling and or deleting a SharePoint Workspace 2010 account is an effective way to temporarily or permanently revoke a user's access to any Groove and SharePoint workspaces.

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