Global-Regulation Day Pass (24 hours Subscription)

Global-Regulation Day Pass (24 hours Subscription)
Global-Regulation Inc.
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$4.99 USD is the largest search engine of the world's laws and technical standards in English providing full text access to 2 million laws from 100 countries. It is designed to help conduct legal research of laws from around the world. The friendly interface allows filtering by country, field and year. uses legislation from government official websites and state of the art machine translation to enable research into world legislation regardless of the original language.
Global-Regulation database is being updated weekly and the user can create keyword-based email alerts to receive updates on new laws from around the world to his/her inbox.
Advanced analytics features allow identification of compliances clauses in the legislation and extract the penalty amount in US dollars. In addition, the complexity tool indicates legal complexity in specific fields across countries.
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