Mac PhoneHome (English)

Mac PhoneHome (English)
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YOU MUST SEND AN EMAIL TO SUPPORT@BRIGADOONSOFTWARE.COM TO OBTAIN YOUR SERIAL KEY. FOR MAXIMUM SECURITY… We suggest you CREATE and have your computer boot up in to a GUEST ACCOUNT. If your computer is stolen the thief can get online access and the location message is sent by MacPhoneHome. If you password protect access to your computer you will HINDER location and recovery. We also suggest STRONGLY that you install Apple's OPEN FIRMWARE PASSWORD that will prohibit unauthorized parties from tampering with your operating system. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE SEE THE INSTALL FAQ IN .PDF FORMAT INCLUDED WITH THIS DOWNLOAD. TO CONTACT TECH SUPPORT CALL 1-845-624-0909 DURING BUSINESS HOURS OR SEND AN EMAIL TO: SUPPORT@BRIGADOONSOFTWARE.COM AT ANY TIME.

This software is for use on computers owned or leased by the School System or University. Faculty, staff, employees and ALL students may install a copy on their personal computer also.

MacPhoneHome™ is our multi-award winning software product and the first software product ever created to track and locate a lost or stolen Apple computer. 

MacPhoneHome™ installs in minutes, operates at a very low level using almost no resources and is completely transparent to the user. Every time a MacPhoneHome™ protected computer connects to the Internet, a stealth email is sent to a pre-determined email address of the user's choice and to our worldwide control center. 

In the event your computer is lost or stolen, you file a theft report with the local police and then notify us. Recovery agents at our Command and Tracking Center will provide you full tracking and recovery support. We work with global ISPs and local police to recover your lost property fast!

MacPhoneHome™ and PC PhoneHome™ are the best selling stand-alone Computer Tracking and Recovery software products on the market. Our award winning software products are internationally recognized as "Best of Brand." 

The single copy version of MacPhoneHome™ works for the life of your computer! There are no yearly monitoring fees, no additional charges and no hidden costs.

Worldwide tracking and recovery. Highly tamper-proof. Easy to install. Cannot be removed by unauthorized parties when installed properly. 

For ALL OS X users. MacPhoneHome™ is also Lion and Intel Processor compatible.

Mac PhoneHome

MacPhoneHome™ runs on Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion Machines.

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