Team Foundation Server Express 2018 RC1 64-bit DVD (Multilanguage) - Microsoft Imagine

Team Foundation Server Express 2018 RC1 64-bit DVD (Multilanguage) - Microsoft Imagine


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Team Foundation Server Express 2018 is a free, source code-control platform for individual developers and small teams of five or less. 

Work item tracking improvements
  • Project Creation Wizard on the web
  • Process Template Manager on the web
  • Mobile work item form
  • Filtering on backlogs, Kanban boards, sprints, and queries
  • Expand to show empty fields on a Kanban card
  • Extensions block work item save
Version control improvements
  • Forks
  • Setting to turn off web editing for TFVC repos
  • Identify stale branches
  • Search for a deleted branch and re-create it
  • Search for a commit in branches starting with a prefix
  • Richer pull request callout on commit details page
  • Retain filename when moving from Files to Commits
  • View, delete, and filter Git tags
  • Git tags security
  • Automatically complete work items when completing pull requests
  • Reset votes on push/new iteration
  • Filter pull request tree by file name
  • More pull request comments filtering options
  • View original diff for code comments in pull request details
  • Collapsible pull request comments
  • Task lists in pull request descriptions and comments
  • Ability to “Like” comments in pull requests
  • Improved workflow when approving with suggestions
  • Path filtering support for Git notifications
  • Great email templates for pull request workflows
  • Pull Request Status Extensibility
Collaborate feature improvements
  • Team project Wiki
  • Create a Wiki page from a broken link
Package management improvements
  • Package Management experience updates
  • Maven packages
  • New unified NuGet task
  • npm build task updates
  • Maven now supports authenticated feeds
  • dotnet task supports authenticated feeds, web projects
  • Working outside your account/collection
  • Feed picker for VSTS/TFS feeds
Build & Release improvements
  • Removing support for XAML Builds
  • Export and import build definitions
  • Deprecate a task in an extension
  • Let contributed build sections control section visibility
  • Variable group support
  • Work with secure files such as Apple certificates
  • New Release Definition Editor
  • Visualization of the pipeline
  • In context configuration UI
  • Getting started with deployment templates
  • Improved task and phase editor
  • Variable groups, Retention, and Options tabs
  • VM Deployment using Deployment Groups
  • Task group references, versioning, and import and export
  • Multi Configuration support in Server Side (Agentless) tasks
  • Variables Support in Manual Intervention task
  • Control releases to an environment based on the source branch
  • Release Triggers for Git repositories as an artifact source
  • Release Triggers: Continuous deployment for changes pushed to a Git repository
  • Enhancements to server-side tasks
  • Release status badge in Code hub
  • Enhancements to Build definition menu when adding artifacts
  • Revert your release definition to older version
Test improvements
  • Exploratory testing traceability improvements for work item links, iterations, and area paths
  • Filters for Test Case work items in Test Plans and Suites in Test Hub
  • Test trend charts for Release Environments and Test Runs
  • Markdown formatting support for Test Run and Test Result comments

Team Foundation Server Express 2018 RC1

Server operating systems:

  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 (Essentials, Standard, Datacenter)
  • Windows Server 2012 (Essentials, Standard, Datacenter)

Client operating systems:

  • Windows 10 (Professional, Enterprise) Version 1607 or greater

SQL Server

  • SQL Server 2017
  • SQL Server 2016 (minimum SP1)

For detailed information on system requirementst, see Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Requirements and Compatibility.

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