spWall v5.01 (24-Month License) (English)

spWall v5.01 (24-Month License) (English)
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From shear walls and retaining walls to precast, ICF, and tilt-up walls, engineers worldwide use spWall v5.01 to optimize complicated wall design, reinforcing, and deflections.

spWall, formerly pcaWall/PCA-Tilt/TILT, is a program for design and analysis of cast-in-place reinforced concrete walls, deep beams, coupling beams, tilt-up walls, ICF walls, and precast architectural and load-bearing panels.

Upgraded to ACI 318-14 and CSA A23.3-14, spWall's graphical interface easily generates complex wall models. Wall geometry (including any number of openings and stiffeners), material properties, loads (point, line, and area), and the support conditions are assigned graphically by the user. Also, springs (translational and rotational) can be graphically assigned at any node.

spWall uses a finite element solver and takes into account second-order effects. The wall may include any number of openings and stiffeners. The amount of steel required for flexure is computed based on the selected design standard, and the user can specify one or two layers of reinforcement.

The program calculates the required amount of reinforcement in the plate elements and stiffener elements based on the code selected by the user. For solid walls, spWall can also compare cross-sectional shear forces with calculated in-plane and out-of plane shear strength provided by concrete.

Technical Features

  • Support for ACI 318-14/11/08/05/02/99 & CSA A23.3-14/04/94 design standards
  • Finite element analysis (including 2nd order effects) of flat wall panels with stiffeners
  • Arbitrary geometry of wall panels which may include openings
  • Rectangular, L, T, or circular cross sections of stiffeners
  • Arbitrary boundary conditions including spring supports
  • Point, line, and area load types to model any loading conditions
  • Design of wall elements for flexure with one or two reinforcement curtains
  • Design of stiffener elements flexure, shear, and torsion

Program Features

  • Six load cases
  • 255 X & Y grid lines
  • 255 Plate thickness & cracking coefficient definitions
  • 255 Stiffener section & cracking coefficient definitions
  • 255 Concrete definitions
  • 255 Steel definitions
  • 255 Plate & stiffener design criteria definitions
  • 255 Rigid & spring support definitions
  • 255 Point load definitions per load case
  • 255 Uniform area load definitions per load case
  • 255 Linear area load definitions per load case
  • 255 Uniform line load definitions per load case
  • 255 Service Load & Ultimate Load combinations
  • Approximately 10,000 nodes and 10,000 elements
  • Straightforward and effective graphical user interface
  • Graphical display of geometry and loads as they are input
  • Print preview of graphical screen
  • Import input data from pcaWall v2.0/3.0 and spWall v4.0
  • Customizable results report

Code Features:

  1. Added support for ACI 318-14 design standard
  2. Added support for CSA A23.3-14 design standard

Recent Features::

  1. Calculation of wall cross-sectional forces at horizontal sections along wall height
  2. Calculation of wall shear strength provided by concrete for solid walls in accordance with ACI code
  3. Report wall center of gravity in XY plane
  4. Import input data from a text file and export to DXF
  5. Default definitions and assignments to facilitate and speed up model generation

spWall v5.01

Windows Vista SP2 or later with 32 or 64 bit architecture

Mac OS : Using a Virtual Machine running Windows with the specs mentioned above.

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