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Mailbird is the perfect Windows email client built for maximum productivity. Mailbird  is one of the most popular email clients for Academics for a reason. The beautiful user experience is not only easy to use, but also provides optimized productivity. Academic users no longer have to keep several different applications and websites running on the desktop.
With Mailbird you can finally unify all your many email accounts, calendars, productivity and communication tools into one beautiful experience for Academic users. Mailbird is email made that is beautiful, easy to use and saves time managing multiple accounts. It's the best email client for Windows. 
Mailbird has all the email communication features, tools and superpowers that Academics need. It is powerful, intuitive, customizable and focused on the best email experience. Email is critical for busy Academics and their daily communication. 
With Mailbird you gain the simplicity of one app, one inbox for their your emails. Finally they can maintain focus with a reliable email solution that every Academic needs.

Features include:

  1. Unified Inbox: Manage all your emails and contacts from multiple accounts easily in one Inbox.
  2. Customizable Layout: Choose from tons of free color themes. Transform your Mailbird email client into a work of art.
  3. App Integrations: Built in apps like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Dropbox, Google Calendar, Asana, Todoist and many more…
  4. Snooze: Snooze messages for later to focus only on the emails you need to at the moment.
  5. Speed Reader: The first ever integrated to make you literally fly through your emails.
  6. Custom Sounds: Choose any of our notification sound suggestions or upload your own.
  7. Linkedin Lookup: Connect via Linkedin with only one click from within your Inbox.
  8. Attachment Search: Find even year old attachments with our powerful attachment search feature.
  9. Dark Theme: Change between the Dark or Lite theme whenever you like.
  10. Shortcuts: Intuitive keyboard shortcuts for archiving, composing, replying, forwarding and many more activities.
  11. Multi-language Support: We currently support 17 beautiful languages from all over the world.
  12. FREE 24/7 email support.
  13. Stay connected to your contacts directly from your Inbox. Mailbird’s contacts manager unifies your contacts in the best way possible. Linking, merging, drag & drop of contacts and many other features will take your contacts management to the next level.
  14. Integrate all your favorite apps with your inbox.
  15. A seamlessly designed interface. Uncluttered and intuitive. It's never been so easy to take control of your Inbox.
Finally, an email client (Windows only for now) for Academics worth downloading!

Mailbird Personal

Windows 7 SP1/Windows 8.1/Windows 10 (version 1607 and up), Processor 1GHz, RAM 1GB

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