Stellar Photo Recovery - 1 Year License for Mac

Stellar Photo Recovery - 1 Year License for Mac
Stellar Data Recovery
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Stellar Photo Recovery Standard 10.0 recovers lost photos, videos, and audio files of virtually any format with just 3 simple steps — ‘Select’, ‘Scan’, and ‘Recover’. It supports commonly used file formats used in DSLRs, camcorders, action cameras, drones, smartphones, iPhones and CCTV etc. The software restores accidentally deleted photos and videos from hard drives, SD cards, USB drives, SSDs and other storage media.
Further, it supports recovery from encrypted volumes; lets you preview found photos, videos & audio files before saving; and allows customized scan process for quick and accurate results. 
Additionally, the Stellar Photo Recovery V10.0 for Mac provides SMART information (disk health and temperature) of your storage drives and volumes. 
Some of the notable features of the software include:
Recover Deleted Mac Photos, Videos & Audio Files
You can easily recover images in any format by using this Mac photo recovery software. Not just lost pictures, the Mac photo recovery software also retrieves lost or deleted video files, music collections, and podcasts from a variety of devices including— digital cameras, iPods, USB storage devices, SD Cards, Flash Cards, Mini Disks, Zip Disks, and Mac based hard drives.
Mac Photo Recovery from Encrypted Drives
Mac users encrypt hard drives to protect data. The encryption on drives often presents a challenge for conventional photo recovery software. However, the Stellar Photo Recovery for Mac recovers photos, videos, and audio files just as efficiently as on unencrypted drives.
Disk Imaging for Quick Recovery
Recover deleted photos, videos, and audio files from a Mac hard drive that has lots of bad sectors on it. The disk imaging feature helps you get back lost or deleted multimedia securely, without the risk of data loss due to drive failure. All you need to do is create a disk image for such drives and run this mac photo recovery tool on the disk image rather than the storage hardware. Recovering from disk image is both faster and safer.
Save Scan Information & Resume Recovery
This advanced photo recovery tool for Mac lets you stop a running scan and save the scan progress up to that point in the form of a file. This scan file can be later loaded into the software to resume recovery from the saved point. Additionally, the Resume Recovery features for Disk Image, Volume Image and saved scan information have been optimized, with an option to display their respective screens on a single page.
Select Specific File Type or Region for Recovery
You can scan an entire Mac drive or restrict the scope of scanning to a specific region to recover your photos, videos, and audio files. This helps save a lot of time in case you know the exact location on the hard drive or volume, where a photo or media file existed before being deleted. The files found are then available for preview and recovery. Similarly, you can instruct the software to scan the storage media for specific file types for effective Mac photo recovery.
Recovery of Unicode Files
In addition to the wide range of photo, video, and audio file formats, the Mac photo recovery software also supports recovery of Unicode files, thus eliminating the need for a converter or any other supporting software. *Unicode is a character encoding standard that has widespread acceptance. * Keeping this in mind, the Stellar photo recovery software for Mac is one of the most versatile software available in the market that helps recover photos from Mac.
Deep Scan for Better Results
For most devices, the application’s advanced scanning engine quickly finds the recoverable items. However, certain files might not turn up after a normal scan in some cases. In such cases, the software does a Deep Scan of the storage drive to recover every bit of lost or deleted media files. By recognizing file headers, this feature lets the software conduct a deep scan and find out all the missing multimedia files.
Advanced Mac Photo Recovery
The latest version of the software not only recovers photo, video or audio files but also has features to Preview, Add new file header, and Edit file header. The file preview feature has been modified to support preview of corrupted files in the safe mode, both in thumbnail view and running preview. Also, if you’re unable to find the desired file format in the list of supported formats, you can add a new file header or edit an existing one.
Retrieve detailed file information
Along with recovering deleted photos, this powerful product also facilitates retrieving detailed information related to the recovered files. This information includes the file name, original date timestamp, camera model / name, and resolution.
File Preview with Customized Recovery
The software shows a preview of corrupt files in safe mode, both in thumbnail view and running scan mode. The File Preview feature can be turned on/off anytime based on your preference. The photo recovery software for Mac also allows to add new file header and edit file header. So, if you’re unable to find a specific file format in the list of supported formats, you can add a new file header to the list or edit an existing one.
Stellar products are #1 in the TechRadar list of best Data Recovery products in the market.

Stellar Photo Recovery v10.0 - 1 Year License for Mac

  • Processor: Pentium Processors
  • RAM:  2 GB minimum (4 GB recommended)
  • Hard Disk: 250 MB of free space
  • Operating System:  Mac OS X 10.7 and above
  • Stellar Photo Recovery ( Mac): Version 10.0
  • Languages Available in: English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish
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