JMP® 16 (12-Month License)

JMP® 16  (12-Month License)
JMP (SAS Institute Inc.)
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For Windows / Mac (see system requirements for compatibility information). This software offer is available for in-classroom learning purposes. If you are a researcher, please contact the JMP Academic team at or 1-877-594-6567 for licensing options.
$29.95 USD
You save $1,470.05 (98%)

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Before purchase, please verify that your computer has the correct system requirements. No refunds are available after purchasing a license to JMP.

The product allows for personal use on a single machine, not for use on shared workstations.

Note: internet connection is required for activation and download.

The Core Capabilities of JMP®

  • Data Acquisition

    Explore data easily in many forms – import Excel files, read text files and pull data from ODBC-compliant databases.
  • Data Cleanup

    Screen data for outliers, entry errors, missing values and other inconsistencies that can compromise your analysis.
  • Data Visualization

    Explore and graph data dynamically, developing visualizations that tell the story of your data.
  • Basic Data Analysis

    Use histograms, regression, distribution fitting and other analysis tools to launch data exploration.
  • Text Exploration

    Extract words and phrases or visualize and organize words to uncover latent information in your text.
  • Group, Filter and Subset Data

    Quickly arrange data to identify emerging patterns and focus on key findings.
  • Design of Experiments

    Design your experiment based on the problem at hand, accounting for budget, timing and other constraints.
  • Statistical Modeling

    Understand trends and patterns using statistical models to better learn about your business, competition and customers.
  • What-if Analysis

    Demonstrate patterns of predicted response and the effect of each factor on the response with scenario analysis.
  • Reliability Analysis

    Gain insight into product performance, pinpoint defects in materials or processes, and address design vulnerabilities.
  • Quality and Process Engineering

    Use JMP to enhance quality – minimize customer complaints and deliver products and services that exceed expectations.
  • Consumer and Market Research

    Understand and adapt to evolving markets using data mining, survey analysis, choice experiments and other tools.
  • Sharing Results

    Share your dynamic visualizations in a variety of formats, whether your audience has JMP or not.
  • Automation and Scripting

    Use scripting to automate processes, regenerate analysis reports and add new JMP capabilities.
  • Making JMP Your Own

    Customize every aspect of JMP settings to work the way you think.
  • Analytics Hub

    Use the JMP interface to leverage other analytics tools, such as SAS®, MATLAB, R and Python.


JMP® 16

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