Ascend Training Series: Security+ (SY0-601) (English) - (12-Mo Subscription)

Ascend Training Series: Security+ (SY0-601) (English)  - (12-Mo Subscription)
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CompTIA Security+ is recognized as the introduction to network security industry standard, and the first step into a cybersecurity career. This certification covers foundational network security skills in risk assessment and management, forensics, security controls, and more. The student’s goal will be to learn core knowledge and skills required to assess the state of security in an enterprise environment and recommend and implement security solutions. Additionally, CompTIA Security+ is a DoD approved baseline certification and is required for any DoD cybersecurity role. Those with this certification may enter the IT workforce in several different capacities, i.e. system administrator, junior penetration tester or security engineer/analyst.

This course provides a unique, hands-on environment that gives students the opportunity to implement the skills they are learning in real life scenarios. These labs allow students to experiment with different hosts, networks, and applications and test security measures to see how they would apply in a real-life scenario. Not only does this learning environment better prepare them for the future, it also gives them an opportunity to test new ideas and grow their overall understanding of cybersecurity.

  • Module 1: An Introduction To The CompTIA Security+ Course.
  • Module 2: Governance, Organizational Risk Management, And Compliance To Regulations.
  • Module 3: Architecture And Design Of Cloud And Enterprise Environments.
  • Module 4: Security Threats, Attacks, And Vulnerabilities.
  • Module 5: What You Need To Know About Implementation.
  • Module 6: Operations And Incident Response.

Recommended Prerequisites: A+ or equivalent experience.

Ascend Training Series: Security+ (SY0-601)

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