How do I download software with the Secure Download Manager (SDM)?

To download and install the SDM:

  1. Sign in to the WebStore using your Username and Password.
  2. Place the order for your software. When the order is completed, the Receipt page is displayed.
  3. On the Receipt page, click the Start Download button. The Get your Software in 4 Easy Steps window is displayed.
  4. Click the Download SDM button (Step 1). The SDM starts downloading.
  5. Follow the steps for your browser to download the SDM on your computer. Depending on your browser, the steps will be slightly different (Step 2).
  6. Locate the downloaded file and launch the SDM.
  7. Click the Download .SDX button for your order (Step 3). Depending on your browser, the SDM window may open when the .SDX has completed downloading or you may have to locate the .SDX file before you can download your software (Step 4).
  8. Click the Start Download button for each item to download your software.

For more details about the SDM, click one of the question-mark icons on the Get your Software in 4 Easy Steps page or the Need Help? button in the SDM window.

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