Minitab: Downloading

To download your Minitab software:

  1. Sign in to the website from where you purchased the software using your Username and Password.
  2. At the top of the page, click the Your Account link.
  3. In the Order History section, select the Minitab software that you purchased and click the View Details link.
  4. On the Details page in the Items section, click the link found under the software name and follow the instructions. You are prompted to download small .exe file.
  5. Save the file to your desktop. This file is the delivery client, which transfers the software to your computer and unlocks it.

    If the icon does not appear as a purple circle with a yellow lightning bolt:

    1. Right click on the icon.
    2. Select Rename.
    3. Add a .exe extension to the filename.
  6. To run the delivery client, double-click the icon. There are four steps in the download process.
    1. Authorization: Ensures you are eligible to download.
    2. Downloading: Downloads the installation files.
    3. Unpacking: Unpacks the installation files and checks that the download is not corrupt.
    4. Launch Install: Launches the installation wizard.
  7. The software installation wizard begins automatically.

You are now ready to install and activate your Minitab license.

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