Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC 2005 32-bit (English) - DreamSpark - Lab Install
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Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC 2005 32-bit (English) - DreamSpark - Lab Install


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Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC 2005

The Tablet PC is a personal computer powered by Microsoft Windows XP that is geared for ink-enabled, pen-enabled, and speech-enabled applications. The combination of software and hardware in a Tablet PC enables these methods of user interaction and allows for a rich, interactive, and productive computing experience for users.

The Tablet PC platform encompasses Windows XP and its extensions that enable input and output of handwriting and speech data on a Tablet PC as well as interchange of this data with other computers.

New Features in Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005

In-place tablet input panel (in-place TIP). With the in-place TIP, a user can tap on an input box with the stylus to see an orange TIP Access button. By tapping on the TIP Access button, the Tablet PC input panel opens up directly below the input area. This approach is more intuitive and enables more rapid text input with the stylus pen. Because the in-place TIP is part of the operating system, it works seamlessly across the entire Windows operating system and in any Windows XP-based application.

Real-time recognition. The real-time recognition feature uses Microsoft handwriting recognition technology to convert handwritten words to text, letting a user preview the conversion before it's sent and inserted into the text block. The input area also automatically adds space for an additional line when a user approaches the end of a text line, making the input of large amounts of text easier than before.

In-place correction. With in-place correction, a user can manually correct any handwriting conversion mistakes before the text is inserted into the text block. A list of alternatives includes recommended alternate words, correct individual letters or numbers.

Contextual awareness. With contextual awareness, rules can be added for how handwriting should be recognized in certain text fields. For example, a rule can stipulate that entering data in a postal code field will only generate numbers as an outcome. A user can quickly write a postal code, and the operating system will not confuse "Z" with "2" or "S" with "5." This feature can be applied to nearly any Windows XP-based application, enabling people to have an easier, faster and more accurate input experience when entering text.

New platform for developers. Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Software Development Kit 1.7, the software development kit (SDK) for the new Tablet PC operating system, creates a rich environment for developing new ink-enabled applications. Tablet PC SDK 1.7 extends context-sensitive support in tools that help users tag for context in specific fields for customized forms-based solutions. Users also benefit from new ink support for Web-based applications in the SDK, such as customer relationship management or timesheet systems that support handwriting for mobile users.

Better integration with Microsoft Office System programs. Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 delivers deep pen-and-ink integration with the Microsoft Office System programs. Users can insert text easily and annotate anywhere in Microsoft Office Word 2003, Microsoft Office Excel 2003, or Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003, and send handwritten e-mail messages in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003. Using Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 on a Tablet PC brings together ink, text and Web content -- all in one place.