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S-PLUS® 8.0 for Windows Student Edition (English) - Download
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S-PLUS® 8.0 for Windows Student Edition (English) - Download


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S-PLUS® 8.0 for Windows Student Edition

With S-PLUS you get all of the capabilities of S-PLUS along with access to the following modules that are used within S-PLUS, FinMetrics, Wavelets, Environmental Stats, Spatial Stats and NuOpt.

The software may be used for a period of one year.

S-PLUS is the premier solution for exploratory data analysis and statistical modeling. With over 4,200 data analysis functions, including the most comprehensive set of robust and modern methods available anywhere, S-PLUS allows you to perform more insightful analyses, create revealing graphics and make more informed business decisions.

With point-and-click ease, you can import your data, select your statistical functions and display your results. Powerful techniques are at your fingertips. When your analysis requires a new method or approach, you can modify existing methods or develop new ones with the award-winning S programming language. With S-PLUS, it is easy to examine and visually explore data, run functions one step at a time, and visually compare models for fit.

For years top researchers have relied on the modern methods and advanced graphics in S-PLUS to uncover key patterns, trends, and relationships in mission critical data. Learn S-PLUS today and leverage your expertise at world-leading organizations tomorrow.

S-PLUS® 8.0 for Windows Student Edition

System requirements:

The minimum recommended system configuration is Pentium III with 512MB of RAM. You must have at least 500MB of free disk space for the typical installation (and, if not installing on Drive C:\, an additional 50MB free disk space on Drive C:\ is required for the installation process). Note that the disk space includes only S-PLUS and no modules.

Do NOT install this release over any existing version of S-PLUS. Instead, designate a clean installation directory for S-PLUS 8.0.4, and proceed with the Setup program, as described in INSTALL.TXT (located at the top level of your CD).

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