Total Training for Microsoft Office - Six Month Subscription (English) - License key
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Total Training for Microsoft Office - Six Month Subscription (English) - License key


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Total Training for Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Total Training and More!

With Microsoft Office Total Training you can learn everything you need to know about the Microsoft Office suites. The indexed tutorial videos allow you to personalize your learning experience as you set the pace and pick the topics- choose what you want to learn and when. Total training is designed to inform you of the enhanced features found in, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, and One Note.  A focus on these features will allow you to become a master of these applications, ultimately increasing professionalism, efficiency, and mobility in your utility of Microsoft Office.

Buy Total Training for Microsoft Office 2010 and get access to the complete Total Training Online Library!

When you purchase Total Training for Microsoft Office 2010, you will receive access to the entire Online Library; the all access subscription gives you unlimited access to every tutorial in our online library and all project files! This is perfect for creative pros, designers, developers, office enthusiasts who need to master a new technique, or learn an entire program.  With over 200 courses to choose from you can learn all of your software quickly and easily from any computer with an internet connection.


24/7 Access: Access Total Training Online anytime. Just sign in using your user name, select the course you want to view, and go.

Project Files: Work along side by side with the presenter to see just how it's done. Before you begin viewing your selected chapter, download the accompanying project work files so that you have them handy when the presenter references them.

Interface Features: Set your pace for learning. Our interface offers useful features such as fast forward, pause, bookmark a lesson, track your progress plus many more. Features such as these allow you to watch the tutorials and learn just what you want.

New Content - Once you sign up with Total Training Online, you get access to ALL of the new content added to your subscription library for FREE – for the entire length of your subscription. New content is added monthly, so the library of training available to you keeps getting larger, but you don't have to pay for it. You can check out what's new by viewing our New Releases.

And that's not all, with Total Training Online you also get:

  • The comfort of knowing a company with more than a decade of experience is your training partner
  • The opportunity to learn from industry pros – experts in their own fields - at a fraction of the cost of an onsite class.
  • High quality tutorials that were produced using cutting edge high definition technology.
  • A knowledgeable Customer Service staff ready to help you with questions along the way
  • And Much More

The Total Training courses for Microsoft Access 2010, Excel 2010, Excel 2010 Advanced, Outlook 2010, PowerPoint 2010, Word 2010, include the program-specific features that are mapped to the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification exams.

MOS certification validates proficiency for individuals who PASS the certification exam, and shows that they can meet globally recognized performance standards.

Included titles:

Total Training for Microsoft Access 2010: Essentials

Total Training for Microsoft Excel 2010: Essentials

Total Training for Microsoft Outlook 2010

Total Training for Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Learn how to add sophistication to your PowerPoint Presentations with total training for Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. Total training for this product covers

Total Training for Microsoft Word 2010

Total Training for Microsoft Windows 7

3ds Max - Introduction: Tools and Workflow

Ableton Live 7: The Essentials (5 Hours)

Acoustic Guitar Miking Techniques (0.4 Hours)

Access 2007: Essentials (6.6 Hours)

Acrobat 9 Pro: Essentials (5 Hours)

Acrobat 8 Professional (12 Hours)

Acrobat 7 Professional (8.6 Hours)

Adobe Production Studio: From Edit to Output (15 Hours)

Ableton Live 6: An Introduction (5.7 Hours)

After Effects CS5: Essentials (8 Hours) -

After Effects CS4: Essentials (6 Hours)

After Effects CS3: Essentials (7 Hours)

After Effects CS3: Advanced (7 Hours)

After Effects 7 Pro: Essentials (14 Hours)

Adv After Effects 7 Pro: Broadcast Design Secrets (7 Hours)

After Effects 7 Pro: Professional Features (12 Hours)

Antares Auto-Tune (1.3 Hours)

Apple Logic Pro 8: Essentials Training (12.5 Hours)

ASP.NET AJAX (2.2 Hours)

ASP.NET 2.0: Building Web Applications (set 1) (10.2 Hours)

ASP.NET 2.0: Building Web Applications (set 2) (10 Hours)

AXIOM 61 USB MIDI Controller (0.93 Hours)

B4 II Virtual Organ (0.7 Hours)

Battery 3 : Drums & Percussion Native Instruments (0.75 Hours)

Build Your Own Guitar Effects Pedalboard (1.4 Hours)

Character Animation: Fundamentals (2.8 Hours)

CS5 Design: Workflow (7 Hours)

CS4 Design: Workflow (6.8 Hours)

CS3 Design: Workflow (6.8 Hours)

CS3 Print: Workflow (5.1 Hours)

CS3 Production Premium: Workflow (6.6 Hours)

CS3 Web Design: Workflow (6.7 Hours)

Creative Suite 2: From Design to Delivery (10.2 Hours)

Compressors: The Essentials (1.4 Hours)

Copyright and Publishing Law : For Musicians and Songwriters (1 Hours)

CSS & XHTML for Web Development (8 Hours)

Cubase 4: The Essentials (8 Hours)

Demystifying B3 Drawbars (0.9 Hours)

DJ Equipment Basics (0.4 Hours)

Dreamweaver CS5: Essentials (7.8 Hours)

Dreamweaver CS4: Essentials (6 Hours)

Dreamweaver CS4: Advanced (6 Hours)

Dreamweaver CS3: Essentials (9 Hours)

Dreamweaver CS3: Advanced (4.5 Hours)

Dreamweaver CS3: From GoLive to Dreamweaver CS3 (3.1 Hours)

Dreamweaver 8 (10 Hours)

Adv. Dreamweaver 8 (7.5 Hours)

Drum Miking Techniques (2.3 Hours)

Drum Tuning and Maintenance (1 Hours)

Encore CS5 (1.7 Hours) -

Encore CS4: DVD Workflow (2 Hours)

Encore CS3: Essentials (2 Hours)

Essential Gear for Mobile Recording (0.35 Hours)

Excel 2007: Advanced (6 Hours)

Excel 2007: Essentials (5 Hours)

Excel 2010: Essentials (7.2 Hours) -

Excel 2010: Advanced (6 Hours) -

Expression Blend (8.2 Hours)

Expression Blend 2: Essentials (6 Hours)

Expression Encoder 2: Essentials (1.5 Hours)

Expression Design (2.5 Hours)

Expression Design 2: Essentials (5.2 Hours)

Expression Media (3.7 Hours)

Expression Media 2: Essentials (5.5 Hours)

Expression Web 2: Essentials (10 Hours)

Expression Web (10 Hours)

Expression Web: From FrontPage to Expression Web (3 Hours)

Adv. Expression Web (6 Hours)

Final Cut Pro 5: The Essentials (11.8 Hours)

Final Cut Studio: A Post-Production Workflow (8 Hours)

Fireworks CS5 (5.2 Hours)

Fireworks CS4 (4 Hours)

Fireworks CS3 (3.4 Hours)

Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5: Select Topics (.5 Hours)

Flash CS4 Professional: Essentials (6 Hours)

Flash CS4 Professional: Advanced (8 Hours)

Flash CS4 Professional: New Animation Techniques (5 Hours)

Flash CS5 Professional: Essentials (6 Hours)

Flash CS3 Professional: Essentials (8.5 Hours)

Flash CS3 Professional: ActionScript 3 Essentials (8.5 Hours)

Flash CS3 Professional: Flash Animation (9.2 Hours)

Flash CS3 Professional: ActionScript 3 UI & Data (8.35 Hours)

Flash CS3: ActionScript 3 Animation and Games (9.7 Hours)

Flash Professional 8: Next Level ActionScript (10 Hours)

Flash Professional 8 Advanced: ActionScript (10 Hours)

Flash Professional 8 (20 Hours)

Flash Lite 2.1: Creating Mobile Applications (5 Hours)

Flex 2: Rich Internet Applications (8 Hours)

Flex 2: Advanced Visual Programming (9 Hours)

Flex 3: Rich Internet & AIR Applications (10.5 Hours)

FM8: FM Synthesizer Native Instruments (0.5 Hours)

GoLive CS2 (7.3 Hours)

Guitar Effects Pedals: Volume 1 (1.4 Hours)

Guitar Set-Up and Maintenance (1.5 Hours)

Guitar Rig 2 Native Instruments (0.8 Hours)

Headphone Selection (0.30 Hours)

How To Relic A Guitar (1.2 Hours)

Illustrator CS5: Essentials (7 Hours)

Illustrator CS4: Essentials (6 Hours)

Illustrator CS4: Advanced (6 Hours)

Illustrator CS3: Essentials (6 Hours)

Illustrator CS3: Advanced (9.1 Hours)

Illustrator CS2 (18 Hours)

InDesign CS5: Essentials (6.5 Hours)

InDesign CS4: Essentials (6.5 Hours)

InDesign CS4: Advanced (7 Hours)

InDesign CS3: From QuarkXPress to InDesign CS3 (5.8 Hours)

InDesign CS2 (16.5 Hours)

InCopy CS2 (6 Hours)

Introduction to Equalizers (0.8 Hours)

Introduction To Garageband (3 Hours)

Introduction to Podcasting (1 Hours)

Line 6 LowDown Bass Amp (0.5 Hours)

Line 6 Spider III and Spider Valve Amps (0.9 Hours)

Snow Leopard: Essentials (3.5 Hours) -

Maya - Introduction: Interface and Workflow (5 Hours)

Melodyne: An Introduction (0.7 Hours)

Mental Ray: Fundamentals (3.8 Hours)

MicroTrack II: 2-Channel Mobile Digital Recorder (0.6 Hours)

MOTU Digital Performer: Introduction (3.3 Hours)

NRV-10 Digital Audio Interface + Analog Mixer (0.7 Hours)

Office 2007: Getting Up to Speed (6 Hours)

Office 2010 New Features (7 Hours) -

Office 2010 Shared Features (8 Hours) –

Outlook 2010 – Essentials (7 Hours)

Photoshop CS4 Extended: Essentials (8 Hours)

Mastering Peachtree Pro Accounting 2009 (6.5 Hours)

Personal Computer Fundamentals (7.5 Hours)

Photoshop CS4 Extended: Advanced (7.2 Hours)

Photoshop CS4 Extended: Mastering Advanced Techniques with Brian Maffitt (5 Hours)

Photoshop CS5 Extended: Essentials (6.2 Hours)

Photoshop CS5 Extended: Advanced (6.7 Hours) -

Photoshop CS3: Essentials (8 Hours)

Photoshop CS3: Advanced (8.5 Hours)

Photoshop CS3: Channels and Masking (6.5 Hours)

Photoshop CS3: Enhancing Digital Photographs (6.5 Hours)

Photoshop CS3: Maximizing Productivity (4.2 Hours)

Photoshop CS2 (21.8 Hours)

Adv. Photoshop CS2 (8.1 Hours)

Photo Retouching in Adobe Photoshop (2 Hours)

Photoshop Lightroom: Essentials (3 Hours)

Photoshop Lightroom 2 (8.3 Hours)

Photoshop Elements 8 (7 Hours)

Photoshop Elements 7 (6 Hours)

Photoshop Elements 5 (6 Hours)

The POK wireless foot controller (0.3 Hours)

PowerPoint 2007: Essentials (4 Hours)

Premiere Elements 8 (4 Hours) -

Premiere Elements 7 (4 Hours)

Premiere Pro CS5: Essentials (5 Hours) -

Premiere Pro CS4: Essentials (5.5 Hours)

Premiere Pro CS3: Essentials (6 Hours)

Premiere Pro CS3: What's New (2.3 Hours)

Premiere Pro 2 (17 Hours)

Preparing For Mastering (0.4 Hours)

ProTools LE : Essential Training (9.75 Hours)

Propellerhead ReCycle (1.25 Hours)

Propellerhead Reason 3 : Essential Training (2.25 Hours)

Propellerhead Reason 3 : Essential Training (2.25 Hours)

Mastering QuickBooks Pro 2009 (7.8 Hours)

New Features in QuickBooks 2010 (2.8 Hours)

SharePoint Designer 2007 (9 Hours)

SolidWorks 2009: Fundamentals (8 Hours)

SolidWorks 2008: Fundamentals (8 Hours)

Soundbooth CS5 (2.2 Hours) -

Soundbooth CS4 (2.4 Hours)

Soundbooth CS3: Essentials (2.5 Hours)

SoundForge 8.0: Essential Training (7.25 Hours)

SQL Server Development (8 Hours)

Strike Virtual Drummer (1.5 Hours)

Subtractive Synthesis (1.5 Hours)

Torq with Xponent (2 Hours)

Visual Studio 2008: Essentials - Featuring Windows Forms (6 Hours)

Visual Studio 2005: Productivity with .NET Framework 2.0 (7 Hours)

Waves SSL 4000 Collection (0.8 Hours)

Website Design: Extreme Website Makeover (11.25 Hours)

What's New In GarageBand '08 (0.7 Hours)

What's New In Reason 4 (2.25 Hours)

What's New in ProTools 7.4 (0.7 Hours)

Windows 7 (7.8 Hours)

WordPress Mastery (8 Hours)

WPF: Essentials (6 Hours)

Woodwind/Brasswind : Maintenance & Quick Fixes (1.75 Hours)

Intro to ZBrush 3: Tools and Workflow (7.4 Hours)

Zen Cart: E-Commerce Quick Start (2.5 Hours)

Zen Cart: Customization Fundamentals (2.3 Hours)

Total Training for Microsoft Office

 System Requirements

  • XP/Vista/Windows7 or MAC OS X 10.3 or higher
  • 2.0 GHz processor or higher
  • 512MB of system memory
  • Support for DirectX 9 graphics and 64MB of graphics memory
  • 32MB free hard drive*
  • 1024x768 screen resolution
  • Audio output
  • Broadband Internet access: DSL or Cable (minimum bandwidth 350kbps)
  • See below for minimum recommended browser configurations

*Project Files size will vary with product.

Operating System

  • Windows
  • MAC OS X
  • iPad/iPhone


  • Internet Explorer 7/Firefox 2 /Opera 9 /Chrome /Safari
  • Safari 2/ Chrome
  • Photon, iswifter**


  • Windows Media Player 11 and QuickTime with iTunes 7.1.6
  • Quicktime with iTunes 7.1.6


  • Version 9,0,45,0

**These are recommended and available through the Apps Store on your device

Browser Requirements


If you are experiencing a black screen, content loading or buffering, we need to set the Compatibility View for the browser.

To alleviate this issue, we need to set your browser to run in Compatibility View for our website.

Quick Fix - Select Tools or Hit F12 on your keyboard. A new window will open at the bottom of your screen. In the first menu bar of that new window locate "Browser Mode" click on that and select IE9 Compatibility view. Once complete Hit F12 or the close button on the window to exit.


Below are suggestions directly from the Google Chrome help site to assist you in resolving the issue. The following link will take you directly to the Google Chrome help site area that addresses enabling add-ons or plug ins like the Windows Media Player Plug In Link.



The Firefox browser requires add-ons or plugs in to be enabled so that it recognizes components on your system. Let's go to the Mozilla support center to resolve the issue.

To verify this, when on your toolbar select Tools then Options. You should see a selection of programs/plug-ins that are already installed (i.e. Realplayer, Windows Media Player, etc.) Please be sure you have Windows Media Player enabled. If you need further information - here is an additional link to discuss the Windows Media Player plug-in for the Firefox browser

Links to Update Your System

Additional Requirements for:

Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 Training:

In order to follow along with the Presenter using the supplied Project Files, you must have installed a working copy of ASP.NET 2.0, Microsoft® Visual Studio 2005 and Microsoft® SQL Server 2000 or 2005 with the Northwind database. This training does not run on Macintosh.

Adobe Acrobat 8 Training:

  • Intel Macintosh Computers
  • 2 GHz Intel Core Duo Processor
  • Macintosh OS X version 10.4 or later
  • 1 GB RAM

What's New in Premiere Pro 2 and Final Cut Pro 5 Training:

  • DVD-ROM drive capable of reading a dual-layer DVD

Project File Requirements:

In order to follow along with the Presenter using the supplied project files for any Total Training series, you must have a working copy of the relevant software installed on your computer.

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