SigmaFlow Mapper & Statistics (05-Mo License) - Download
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SigmaFlow Mapper & Statistics (05-Mo License) - Download






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Academic Users Only. Fully featured version, available for download. Each license of this product allows for personal use on a single machine, not for use on shared workstations. You must be a student, faculty or staff member of an academic institution to qualify for purchase.

SigmaFlow Mapper & Statistics

SigmaFlow Mapper is frequently used for Lean, Value Mapping, and performance improvement projects. It is an intuitive, data-centric, process improvement design tool that transforms process data into actionable value analysis information thus making data reconciliation obsolete… and it’s all automatic! SigmaFlow Mapper provides the following:


  • Easy Drawing – 50% fewer clicks than competing solutions
  • Easy Drawing – 50% fewer clicks than competing solutions
    • “It’s all about data”
    • Always Visible Data Panel makes data entry easier
    • Surface Lean data on the process map… not static text
    • Easy export of diagrams and data to PowerPoint and Excel
  • Automatic Reports… automatically generated… no reconciliation
    • Value Added Report (Value Assessment Tool)
      • As-Is vs. To-Be gap analysis
      • Automatic improvement prioritization Charts
    • Vital Path Report - Rolled Throughput Yield
    • Responsibility Matrix (RACI)
    • Process Publishing (BPM report)

Common tools include Project Details, Process Mapping, Risks and Controls Association Matrix, Control and Risk Summary, Control Evaluation and Remediation Plan.

SigmaFlow Statistics
Green belt level statistics that provide Data Manipulation, Templates and Calculators, Graphical tools, Statistics tools and Control Charts.

About SigmaFlow
SigmaFlow's enterprise solutions elevate corporate process improvement and best practice initiatives to a significantly higher level, reducing learning curves and project completion time, while improving results and cost efficiency.

SigmaFlow allows capture and implementation of best practices, and uniquely aggregates data from multiple projects into a central repository for result analysis and reporting.

Global corporations, such as Albertsons, ConcoPhillips, First Data Corporation, Merrill Lynch, Pratt & Whitney, and Tyco International, are already deriving results from SigmaFlow's integrated Risk Management, Process Management and Process Improvement solutions.

SigmaFlow Mapper & Statistics



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