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Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Standard

Visual Studio Standard Edition is an entrypoint professional development tool that maintains the simplicity of the Express line but delivers access to the powerful development tools necessary to construct data-focused client applications, n-tier applications (Connected Systems) using Web services, and rich Web applications. Visual Basic 6.0 developers moving to the .NET Framework will find that Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition combines the productivity enhancements coming to Visual Basic 2005 such as My, IntelliSense, Code Snippets, and Edit and Continue with the power that they require for constructing line of business applications and migrating to a modern development environment.

Visual Studio Standard Edition also provides Web developers who are building line of business applications with a full-featured development environment for constructing advanced data-driven, dynamic applications, while still keeping a slimmed-down, Web focused IDE. Visual Studio Standard Edition includes advanced Web development features, such as pre-compilation of Web sites, full debugging tools, richer data-access, Section 507 and WCAG accessibility checking, and simplified support for site localization.

Visual Studio Standard Edition also includes support for extending the development environment with over 300 tools from over 175 Visual Studio Integration Partners (VSIP) program participants.

With Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition, developers can:

  • Build line of business applications using Visual Basic, C#, C++ and J#
  • Target Windows, Web and Mobile Applications from within a unified development environment
  • Create client/server applications using Web services and integrated design tools for accessing remote data
  • Use SQL Reporting Services to summarize, tabulate and display output
  • Extend Visual Studio by consuming third-party components from the 350 VSIP partners
  • Craft department-grade web applications with full debugging tools, pre-compilation of web sites, and 508/WCAG accessibility checking