Student Backup (English) (12-Month License) - Download
Student Backup (English) (12-Month License) - Download


 Student Backup
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Student Backup

Protecting Students From Losing Valuable Data Before Disaster strikes!
Automatically Back-Up Your Files – Every Day
Student Backup provides students with a secure, fast, and affordable online system for the daily, automated, and unattended offsite backup of their critical data files. 

#1 Computer Backup Solution To The Student Community

At Student Backup is committed to providing students with a reliable system for protecting important files and data. This is accomplished through fast, reliable, unattended automated backup service.  With Student Backup, you will possess the peace of mind knowing your data is stored in a state-of-the-art facility that provides unparalleled security and backup features.

Using Student Backup, file recovery is simple. Click on the "Restore A Backup" Button in the upper right hand corner of the Student Backup website, login to your account, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Student Backup will backup and protect all of your word processing (Word, WordPerfect, Open, and Pages), spreadsheet (Excel, Numbers), presentation  (PowerPoint, Keynotes) and .PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files.

The following file extensions are backed up by our service:



.doc .xlshtml .ppam .ots
.dot .xltshtml .pptm .sxc
.dochtml .xlthtml .ppsx .stc
.dothtml .dqy .ppsm .odp
.docx .gra .one .otp
.docx .gra .one .otp
.docm .xlsm .onetmp .sxi
.dotx .xlsx .onetemp .sti
.dotm .xltx .pdf .odf
.rtf .xltm .fdf .sxm
.dld .xlsb .xfdt .smf
.xls .xlam .wpt .mml
.xlt .ppt .qpw .pages
.xlm .pps .ws .template
.xld .pot .wri .keynote
.xla .pwz .odt .key
.xlk .ppa .ott .kth
.xlc .pptx .sxw .numbers
.csv .potx .stw .nmbtemplate
.dif .potm .ods  


Student Backup will backup your data from anywhere 24/7/365.

Student Backup Laptop Locator Feature For Free!
Millions of laptops (and desktop computers) are stolen every year. Laptop theft is fast becoming the most common crime on campuses across the country. They are lightweight, easy to steal, valuable, and can be sold quickly.

Theft is not the only problem. Many more are lost or damaged due to the way they are handled. In addition to the value of the unit, what is your work worth in time and money?

Student Backup has added, at no additional charge, a Laptop Locator feature. The software upgrade assists your schools IT Security and Police Office in tracking the location of your laptop or PC via IP address in case the machine is lost or stolen. In addition, you can remotely delete your files and retrieve your data through the Student Backup website.

Approximately 90% of laptop theft is committed by someone you know! Your laptop could still be on campus. Laptop Locator photo, video, and audio evidence can quickly lead to the thief or be used as evidence if it is sold to a third party.

When your computer is connected to the Internet Laptop Locator will transmit:

  1. A still picture of whatever is in front of the computer (PDF format).
  2. A 20 second video of whatever is in front of the computer
  3. A 20 second audio of whatever sounds are in front of the computer
  4. The IP address

You have a much greater chance of recovering your computer with Laptop Locator protection. Now available with Student Backup at no charge!

Student Backup

Student Backup will work on any laptop or workstation running the following operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8. 

There are certain operating system updates that may cause the Student Backup product to stop functioing as advertised.

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