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SigmaFlow VSM (05-Mo License) - Download






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Academic Users Only. Fully featured version, available for download. Each license of this product allows for personal use on a single machine, not for use on shared workstations. You must be a student, faculty or staff member of an academic institution to qualify for purchase.

SigmaFlow VSM

Put Down Your Pencil!

A hand-sketched value stream map is an easy way to begin your Lean analysis. But you need a powerful analytical tool for Lean benchmarking, Value Stream Mapping, and data analysis. SigmaFlow VSM is the only toolkit that combines these capabilities with integrated Lean Six Sigma tools in one application.

SigmaFlow offers the only value stream mapping application that offers an integrated Lean and Six Sigma toolkit.

VSM allows you to easily diagram your information and material flow. With industry standard VSM shapes and automated Lean data displays, your VSM diagrams are clear, readable, detailed and easy to understand. SigmaFlow VSM makes Lean analysis easy. With automated data tables and Takt time comparison analysis, you can quickly understand how each part of your process performs.

SigmaFlow VSM is designed to automatically provide answers to your most common questions:

  • Where are my constraints?
  • How many additional units are required to fulfill 100% demand?
  • Where are my just-do-it, "high benefit/low effort" projects"?
  • What is the sigma level of my process?
  • What is the total Value Add and Non-Value add time for my multi-level value stream map?

SigmaFlow VSM provides...


  • Lean Benchmarking lets you quickly assess if your process is Lean or Fat


  • Takt Time Calculator simplifies customer demand calculations
  • Multi-Level Value Stream Maps provide point-and-click, drag-and-drop diagramming of information and material flow - and Microsoft Visio-based drawing provides familiar interface
  • Create value stream sub-processes & hierarchy with automatic data rollup
  • Select from dozens of industry-standard shapes: Production, Transportation, Processing, Inventory, Information, Value-add time and more
  • Create and set custom field properties for any shape
  • Automated data display on the drawing for each shape
  • Mistake-proofed calculations
  • Standardized formulas allow you to focus on real issues
  • Data collection
  • Capture actual cycle time data as opposed to averages for accuracy of results

Analysis & Improvement

  • Detailed Graphs & interactive reports let you save your diagrams for distribution or as a web page - or export to Excel
  • Scorecards allow you to experiment and understand the vital improvement levers through what-if analysis
  • Use VSM with SigmaFlow Coach and Process Productivity Tools to improve your business
  • Extensions include performing discrete event simulation on your value stream map

About SigmaFlow

SigmaFlow's enterprise solutions elevate corporate process improvement and best practice initiatives to a significantly higher level, reducing learning curves and project completion time, while improving results and cost efficiency.

SigmaFlow allows capture and implementation of best practices, and uniquely aggregates data from multiple projects into a central repository for result analysis and reporting.

Global corporations, such as Albertsons, ConcoPhillips, First Data Corporation, Merrill Lynch, Pratt & Whitney, and Tyco International, are already deriving results from SigmaFlow's integrated Risk Management, Process Management and Process Improvement solutions.

SigmaFlow VSM

System Requirements

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